What We Do


Choice Custom Tackle specializes in personalized fishing rods for anyone looking to "up" their fishing street cred. Using only the highest quality composites and materials, we hand assemble rods and wrap the handles in unique designs, all to our customers' specifications.

For all you folks out there who've tried the generic, cheapo brands, we feel your pain, and you've come to the right place! Choice Custom Tackle prides itself in being the best of the best, using blanks from United Composite Manufacturers, as well as Jaws, Phenix, Loomis and Pacbay, and guide sets from Fuji, Pacbay, Alps, etc. 

As for what kind of rods we sell... we've got the 4 different types below:

Trolling Rod * Offshore Rod * Inshore Rod * Freshwater Rod


Just send us a message specifying which type of rod and which brands you'd like us to use for each rod component, and we'll get the job done! Don't have any preferences? No problem! Feel free to choose from the collection of ready-made rods designed by master fisherman, Ed Choi, in the MERCH section. 

But, worst case scenario: if nothing in our current selection suits your style and you don't have any specific requests in terms of brands, send us a message and we'll ship you a copy of "Fishing for Dummies" so you can brush up on your fishing game! Kidding, just call the number in the CONTACT section and ask for Ed. He'll work to find the best fit for you!